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This marked the end of the Quaternary extinction event, which was continued into the modern era by humans.

The time around 11,700 years ago (9700 BC) is widely considered to be the end of the old age (Pleistocene, Paleolithic, Stone age, Wisconsin Ice Age), and the beginning of the modern world as we know it.

We've compiled a list of several fellow Disney actresses the boys dated — or were strongly rumored to have dated — before they left the House of Mouse for college at NYU. The duo were allegedly together for "one month," which would be sweet if it's true, since their characters dated on the show — until she dumped him for Bob.

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See List of periods and events in climate history for a timeline list focused on climate.

This ends the Jemdet Nasr period and ushers in the Early Dynastic Period of Mesopotamia cultures of the area.

Possible association of this event with the Biblical deluge.

The draining may have caused the 8.2 kiloyear event, 200 years later According to the Black Sea deluge theory, the Black Sea floods with salt water.

Some 3000 cubic miles (12,500 km³) of salt water is added, significantly expanding it and transforming it from a fresh-water landlocked lake into a salt water sea.

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